Saturday, March 22, 2014

Swollen knee day 2

This morning I'll be taking a bus home to have my knee checked out I'm thinking it is a similar injury to one I had playing soccer in Highschool, with fluid under my knee.

I can't stand on my board with pack without my knee throbbing and aching. Technically I have two weeks before my mileage is void, so I plan to come home in those two weeks, heal up as Jacksonville is not an ideal place I want to be hanging out in injured, I also have a better set of trucks on the way so I will be able to have those set up w/o my mom having to coordinate the care package to a post office, which will just make things simpler. 

I appreciate all of the support so far, I hope that when I get started back that everyone will continue to follow along, as well as in my time home I'll be getting a helmet mirror, to hopefully prevent future injuries like this, and now I know more of less of what I truly need, which will lighten my load some, and make it even easier. 

Thanks Rey Trucks and Darrian Balongie for helping me get the trucks, and to anyone who made a donation so far it is all very appreciated. 


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  1. Sorry abt the knee, that sucks. Now that the two weeks are up, what're your current plans?