Saturday, February 22, 2014

A look inside my mind...

I was sitting outside in my hammock before work today, and I got the urge to start righting some of what I was feeling and realized a lot of it was on my trip, and how soon it is approaching.

As the month countdown begins, I once again start to get butterflies in my stomach, thinking of everything to come in the near future, giving up the comforts of a warm house and everything that goes with it, to start an adventure on a longboard; people either call me crazy or doubt me but I won't let them bring me down. The ones that I will listen to are those closest around me, like my Mom, Aunt, and some other great people who have shown nothing but support so far. I look forward to proving all the ones who doubt me wrong, it will be one highlight of the journey.

As for giving up the comforts of home, I have always loved nature so I won't mind being dirty a little longer, or having to sleep in a hammock, which is more comfortable than a bed anyways! I know that all of these nerves will be out of my system once I get the whole routine down, and I can't wait it is going to be a great experience.

So many people ask why I want to do this journey and there are a lot of different reasons and figured I could put some out there. For starters I originally started planning this trip with my recently lost friend Chris, we were going to see all the sites around the US, bomb the fastest hills, and meet rad people. So in part of my heart this is a push for him and I know he will be with me the whole time.

It is also not just a journey to break a Guinness World Record but a journey of great self improvement. I look to come out of this a much healthier person physically, mentally, and spiritually.
I want to be able to show my little brother that if you put your mind to anything it can be done, especially knowing he has a support team too.

A motto I have adopted from the Shralpers Union, operated by a rad dude Noel Korman is
"High Fives and Positive Vibes"

It is a great attitude to live by and I plan to spread my High Fives and Positive Vibes around America.