Saturday, November 30, 2013

T- Minus 7 Days

Departure is nearing closer and with that means crunch time.

I'm working the next six days between departure trying to gain as much extra money as I can. My train leaves Charlotte at 2:45am and gets to Atlanta around 8:30am. The only downfall of working non-stop is losing out on some conditioning, but that won't be a problem once I get going.

Today I went over my gear again and cut out a few things;

-My ENO bugnet which I figured as its in the colder months the bugs will not be as prevalent
-My water purifier; which was 1lb.  I am switching to water droplets.
-I also took out the pot lid to my cookware.

With these things being cut out, I re-weighed my pack with full 2L Camelbak, film equipment, and all my other Gear plus some extra clothing and the total weight came out to 19.8 lbs.
A few other things I've gotten done in the past week are add a GoPro mount to my Subsonic GT 40 to allow for some neat shots on my journey.

Skate sail- In progress 

Also, with the help of my mom, we are getting my skate sail, that will function as a brake as well hold my gear under the hammock at night. We are making this from an old tent. #reduce #reuse #recycle

The last things I have to do is visit the local skate shop Wallerbears for some fresh bearings, and wheels.

As always stay tuned, as the adventure is nearly upon us!


  1. Hey Drew, check those Guinness regulations; the last I checked, you can't use a sail for propulsion (aided by the wind). There is no mention of using a sail for braking though, so that shouldn't be a problem. Rules might have changed, but something to keep in mind.

  2. Thanks Rob, my only intentions for it are to use it as a break just to save my shoes a little. T-minus 4 days